Kellie Collis, author of Ada & Darcy: “The flowers I buy determine how I decorate for the week!”

While New York City fashionistas are pulling out their fall blazers and cashmere gloves, the author of Australian design blog Ada & Darcy, Kellie Collis, is enjoying the spring sunshine and fresh candy-like colors in the opposite part of the world. Kellie talked to DESQUVAL about her favorite style inspirations, her boutique and passion for beautiful home decor.

By Ksenia Galouchko

Q: What inspired your DESQUVAL guest post?

Living in Sydney, we are past winter and now well into spring. This time of the year, I am always inspired by bright bold colors and stunning flowers in my interiors and fashion. I find lots of inspiration for my home decorations during my weekly visits to the Saturday flower market, which is full of my favorite flowers such as peonies, roses and hydrangeas – the flowers I buy determine how I decorate for the week!

Q: What was your initial goal when you started your blog? What makes your blog unique?

I had a corporate career and I have always had a love for fashion and interiors, and my blog was a way to reach out to talented individuals with a common interest. Ada & Darcy is a blend of femininity, color, beautiful interiors and fashion, with my own home and products being featured very often. I guess my blog is different through its love of color, which always has a feminine charm rather than an edgy feel.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your daily posts? And how would you describe yourself? I know that you own your own design store?

My inspiration comes from everywhere—other blogs, magazines or things I see out and about. The direction of each post comes from my mood and how I am feeling that day.

I tend to always be positive and full of energy. My blog posts are much the same, I don’t tend to say lots and lots, just bits and pieces, and I like to let my images do the talking. My decorating has the same feel to it.

My store, called Ada & Darcy, is an online boutique of beautiful home decorating items. I love patterns, color and interesting yet pretty pieces, and my store is a collection of all these things. I love to play with products and photograph them so an online store was the perfect outlet for this. I worked in a corporate setting for a long time and realized my creative side needed to be let loose. I have always loved decorating and wanted to have my own business so thought I’d give it a shot!

Q: You love fashion and design – what is it about fashion that excites you? What would you like to see evolve in the world of fashion and design?

What I love about fashion and accessories is how they make you feel. For me, if I love what I am wearing it affects everything I do and how I feel about myself. I also love pattern on pattern in fashion, accessories and interiors. Really, I see fashion as an extension of my love for interior decorating!

Being Australian, I’d love to see more of the European influence here and people appreciating the beauty of high-quality pieces. Perhaps it’s because of our relaxed nature but Australia is still not as fashion-conscious as other destinations.

Q: How would you describe your personal style? And if you were to change it two days a week, what style would you want to be?

My personal style is colorful and feminine, I tend to steer clear of anything edgy. I love ballet flats and don’t own a pair of running shoes. If I could change my look, I’d love to try classic and sophisticated – “the less is more” approach. I love it on others, I just feel uncomfortable when I try that look myself!


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